About Us

Simba our little munchkin is the true inspiration behind designing and creating Kangaroo Bed.

When we got Simba as a puppy, he was very naughty and always loved to play with his bed. With no surprise, he spoilt several beds which used to become soggy or uneven due to cotton filling. We tried few brands up to few hundred dollars but didn’t  find a perfect one. Simba used to have disturbed sleep due to the uneven surface.

One day, he jumped onto our memory foam mattress and was surprised with the softness and comfort it offered and felt calm and relaxed. We let him sleep on the bed(I know we spoil him a lot, but we prefer not to have him sleeping in our bed) and he had a great sleep.

This led us to think, why a memory foam bed for dogs? We always knew that memory foam beds are recommended for older dogs with arthritis problems but always wondered why not to have it for all dogs?

We did a research on dog sleeping habits, sleeping posture, dog needs on various life stages, medical/Heath needs across extensive list of dog breeds.

With experience from all range of beds and sizes we tried for Simba and the research we did, we started designing the bed which fits perfectly with every need. We are one of those we are obsessed with home interior and wanted to make sure, the bed need to look stylish and luxurious which should blend it stylish, modern and contemporary house set up.

We are glad to introduce KANGAROO BED which is blend of comfort, luxury, style and most importantly fulfilling dog’s need at every life stage.

“Why should humans have all the fun?”


Kangaroo Bed Team